UVeto Sunglasses – Safety & Style Combined

Designed to keep your protected and looking good, UVeto’s Safety Sunglasses are perfect for while you work or play.

Combining style with safety can be a difficult balance when it comes to protective eyewear. Many glasses deliver on safety but fall short on style and some (especially in the sunglasses category) offer very little in terms of protection, but look fashionable. By bringing in their wealth of experience in sun protection, UVeto Australia have achieved the perfect balance of style and safety with their range of Safety Sunglasses. From the refined metal frame of the Caliba U89‘s to the bold, robust look of the Blackmax U44‘s, UVeto have a range of styles available to suit a variety of face shapes – all designed with modern fashion styles in mind.

All sunglasses (except for the bi-focal Vulcan U86) are certified to the AS/NZS 1337.1 Medium Impact Safety Glasses standard and the AS/NZS 1067 Sunglasses standard, so you have good UV protection wherever you go.

UVeto Australia’s Safety Sunglasses are also available in a range of lens options, including Mirror, Clear, Smoke, Amber and more. Polarized lenses are also available on many styles, providing clear vision in high glare environments by aligning reflected light waves into the horizontal plane. This allows for the natural perception of colour with no compromise of reds, greens and yellows.

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