Sun Safe Gloves by UVeto Australia

As we enter the summer months, more and more people are taking part in outdoor activities. While this is great for the most part, we at PPE Safety are committed that you enjoy your sporting, gardening, cycling, fishing and other outside endeavours with the utmost protection. UVeto Australia offers exactly this type of protection with their Sun Safe Gloves.

Designed to leave your fingers free for maximum dexterity, these versatile gloves protect the backs of your hands from harmful UV rays. This provides additional protection to your usual sunscreen regimen, without stopping you from doing the things you love! Bowlers love using this product due to the dexterity it provides, as well as the additional grip provided by the palm patch.

UVeto Australia’s Sun Safe Gloves come in a range of size options, including: XS, S, M, L, 2XL. While most of the range is available in Black, Green, Blue or Skin colour, 2XL is only available in Blue or Green.

Another feature of these gloves is that they are fully washable, able to be cleaned easily and so perfect for use in as many different applications as you require.

For more information on the Sun Safe Gloves and other products in the Hand and Arm Protection range, along with the entire catalogue of VISIONSafe products, please visit the website at or call (08) 9295 0624.

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