The Glove Guard® Glove Clip

The Glove Guard Glove Clip is made from high quality, engineered grade material that is non-corrosive and retains its memory, to reduce flex fatigue. Since entering workplaces worldwide, the Glove Guard clip has proven itself as an effective method of reducing hand injuries and glove loss.

The Glove Guard is also extremely easy to use. All you need to do is clip the small end of the clip to your belt loop (or directly to your clothing) and clip the large end to your gloves or other personal protective equipment.

For any individual or workplace looking to keep hand injuries down to a minimum, while having the convenience of gloves at hand, this is the perfect solution.

For more information on the Glove Guard Glove Clip, and other products in the Glove Guard range, along with the entire catalogue of VISIONSafe products, please visit the website at or call (08) 9295 0624.

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