Derma Guard – The Ultimate Skin Protectant

derma_guardOne of the most unique forms of PPE Safety offered in the VISIONSafe range is the amazing Derma Guard industrial skin protectant.

Derma Guard is a highly versatile barrier cream that protects against oils, grease, chemicals and so much more. It also provides emergency protection against most acids and bases. The non-greasy formula makes Derma Guard easy to apply and it remains on the skin for 4-5 hours despite repeated washing.

Derma Guard is designed to work in a variety of industries and conditions, from harsh industrial work environments to hospitality or personal uses. It also helps sooth and prevent skin irritation for those suffering from dermatitis, eczema and other skin complaints. It even repels strong odours like onion or garlic, perfect for food preparation areas and makes latex gloves more comfortable to wear and easier to apply and remove.

Derma Guard also has a proven track record of reducing cleanup times in workplaces by reducing the need for harsh cleaning products to remove grease and grim from hands because of the protective layer it forms over the skin.

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