Big Fish Safety Knife

bf6The Big Fish is a heavy duty rescue & warehouse safety knife, which almost eliminates the risk of cutting yourself accidentally, with it’s clever, shielded plastic casing design.  The ideal ‘rescue’ knife, the Big Fish cuts through webbing, rope, cable ties, clothing, seat belts and more. Materials must be cut under tension, and this knife is available with a 9mm or 6mm ‘mouth’. It features stainless steel replaceable blades that can be reversed for extended use. You can also choose to have an optional hook end, which makes it east to cut through tape and single ply cardboard boxes, enabling you to work quickly and safely.

For more information on the Big Fish and other safety knives in the VISIONSafe range, along with the entire catalogue of VISIONSafe products, please visit the website at or call (08) 9295 0624.

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