ACOT500 Assassin Mine Site Light Bar

Assassin_Mine_Site_Light_BarsMine sites often experience temperature and weather extremes that are vastly different to those experience in other industrial workplaces. With these conditions in mind, ACO500 have developed the Assassin series of Mine Site Light Bars.

These IP66 rated light bars are specially designed to handle dust, fog, rain and blistering day conditions that are often found in mine sites. They are also designed to keep vehicle manoeuvrability to a maximum, with their lightweight, aerodynamic low profile design. Once again, this design consideration helps match the uneven and often dangerous terrain found in mine sites. It is also waterproof and vibration resistant to further increase their durability. The Assassin Mine Site Light Bars throw out 180 degree vertical and 360 degree horizontal light for maximum visibility.

Another one of the many benefits of the Assassin Mine Site Light Bars are their highly customisable, modular design that allows for customers to change the light bar to suit their individual workplace needs. It also allows for easy maintenance of the light bars.


Built into the Assassin Mine Site Light Bar are warning lights, brake/tail lights, reverse and indicator lights and a reversing alarm. They come in a variety of lengths to suit your application.

For more information on the Assassin Mine Site Light Bar and other lights in the ACOT500 range, along with the entire catalogue of VISIONSafe products, please visit the website at or call (08) 9295 0624.

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